So You Want to Learn the Arabic Language? – Some Things You Should Know Before You Start

If you want to learn the Arabic language successfully, beyond the basic terms, “maa ismuk” (What is your name), “kaifa Haluk” (How are you), and “Shokran” (Thank You), you will need to undertake some serious study to try to come to grips with this difficult to grasp language.

There are many reasons why a person would want to learn the Arabic language. For some people it’s to connect with their Arab roots, allowing them to speak with Arab grandparents and relatives, some are learning it as a part of a curriculum, some to help out in business and some just love to learn languages. Regardless of the reason, learning Arabic is no cakewalk, you need to be extremely focused and dedicated as well as ensuring you arm yourself with some good learning tools.

Things you should know before you start learning Arabic:

Discover how you learn best. A lot of people learn the Arabic language in many different ways. Some learn by paying for lessons, whether it be in a course of study or private tuition, others are more comfortable with self paced learning using, books, videos, audio cd’s or software.

It will help if you immerse yourself in the culture of Arab speaking nations, understanding the politics, history, ideology and culture of a region will help you get a better feel for the language.

You need a lot of patience, you know the saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day” well this applies to learning Arabic, more so than any other language. You need to be patient and try not to get frustrated as you tackle one of the human races most complex and challenging languages.